Epic Battle

Thursday, 27. November 2014 10:10

I think my cat, Brown, has a love/hate relationship with Spider Man… Or maybe it’s more hate/love.

Cat vs Spider-Man


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Look At My Medals

Sunday, 16. November 2014 13:49

Many of you know that I am not a crafty person.  My drawings look like a 5 year old (at best) made them.  I did attempt to scrapbook once.  It’s not pretty, though I am proud of it.

So when I was cleaning up my closet and saw my race medals just jumbled on a shelf, my first thought was not “Hey, let me make my own medal rack display!”  Quite the opposite, I wondered where I could buy a cool display.  So, I scoured Pinterest and checked out Etsy, and found lots of awesome options.  Sone were moderately priced, some not so much.  Either way, it would take a while to narrow down to the one I loved and that spoke to me, order, and get it.

But what do I do about seeing my medals now?  I worked for them.  I trained.  I RAN!  I want to look at them when I go to bed.

As I kept cleaning the closet, I found one of those tiered hangers made for pants.  I could totally put my medals on that.  Pair it with a heavy duty Command hook and VOILA!


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Thursday, 23. October 2014 21:55

It has been a taxing week. I’m ready for the weekend!!!

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I wanna be that kind of girl

Sunday, 7. September 2014 12:10

I am not really sure if she’s really out there, but I want to be like her.  I want to not spend my time worrying about how I look of what I weigh.  I want to not think about every bite of food I want to eat, am going to eat, am currently eating, or ate.

It will never happen, at least not for me.

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School Daze

Monday, 18. August 2014 22:01

With the kids’ 1st day or school being tomorrow morning, here’s a list of things I miss about being in school:
– pizza day (if it was pizza boat day, even better)
– moose juice (1980s juice cartons that were pure sugar….. Crack)
– new school supplies
– being home before 3pm
– field trips
– 3-5 months vacation (although most people didn’t have as much and didn’t move away for the summer)
– sometimes having a lunch of combos and a Materva for lunch
-putting random fake notes in shared textbooks for other people to find

If you don’t know what Materva is, it’s an awesome Cuban soda.

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Flyin’ With Kids

Thursday, 31. July 2014 21:27

My little one in still a very small person. He’s all of 3.5 and stubborn. Naturally, I didn’t want to be “that patent” with “those kids” and it’s all I can do to haul my mule pack full of headphones, iPads, phones, and chargers along with sippy cups, travel pillows, and a small mountain of snacks.
We make it on one plane….. Everything’s fine.

Five hour layover in Detroit. I’m thankful for the “play area” (aka tiny plastic house that entertained my kids and several others for a long time).

Finally we are on our long flight and, oddly enough, this is when I can relax. I’m prepared. They’re fed. AND the Lego Movie is one of the movies on our flight!

We get to Amsterdam in one piece and since the kids even got to sleep (yay, economy comfort!) they are ready to go and see the sights!

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runDisney Princess Half Marathon 2015

Tuesday, 15. July 2014 21:43

I managed to sign up for the Enchanted 10K again (a race I swore would be years before I signed up for again)! This was quite an accomplishment in itself since the race sold out about 5.5 hours after it opened.

The Glass Slipper Challenge, the 10K and half marathon, sold out in about 3 hours!

The Princess Half Marathon was the last of the “big” races to sell out at a whopping 6 hours after opening.

Right now, you can still sign up for the 5K and the Kids races that will both be Frozen themed but space is going fast, currently at 52% and 50% respectively, at http://www.rundisney.com/princess-half-marathon/

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I’m Goin’ on a Boat

Tuesday, 10. June 2014 20:48

That’s right everyone, it’s almost time for a new TRAVELOGUE!!!! Stay tuned!

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Who’s that

Saturday, 10. May 2014 12:02

Who is that in the background (behind the cutest Tweedles ever) of the RunDisney photo during the Enchanted 10k? Your truly!

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I think I need to change my resolution

Thursday, 1. May 2014 22:01

Since I haven’t been overly successful in the whole 365 Days of Me campaign, I will be altering it to 150 Days of Me. I know, less than half…. but better than none, right?
The other part of my resolution change will be writing on here more often.
Yeah, I’m making some excuses because my iPhoto disappeared (or should I say was deleted by a 3 foot tall Godzilla) and as I type here I have 5 keys missing from my keyboard that were destroyed to such as extent that I can’t just pop the keys back on because the little plastic key bits (the soft ones that let you click away) are gone and I have to touch the center of each void to just write a simple word. It doesn’t help that 2 out of 3 letters from the word THE are MISSING.
I do promise to be able to post about the Enchanted 10K (which I FINISHED!!!) and the Color Me Rad 5K that I recently did and just some other things swimming around my head!

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